Compositing Showreel 2010

Wolfram Spaeth Compositing Showreel 2010 from Wolfram Spaeth on Vimeo.
My latest Compositing Showreel.
Those are excerpts of my work for:
-0:36 The three Robbers © by Animation X
(also Animal/Prop Design + Prolog/Credits,
see "The three Robbers Prolog/Cedits)
-1:17 The Musical Mr. Finch © Sluggerfilm
(also Art and Bg-Painting)
-1:33 Little Molly Monster © Little Monster GmbH
-1:43 Darwin Loosers © m.a.r.k. 13
(also Layout and Bg-Painting)
-2:04 "A new Beginning" Game Cutscene © Daedelic
-2:34 "Bo" Graduation Film Animation School
(also Animation,Layout and Set Design)

Used Software: ToonBoom, Animo, After Fx,
Tv Paint Pro, Premiere, Photoshop